Morton's Club


The brief

Morton’s Club aims to be the most exclusive yet relaxed private members club in London.

Owned by Marc Restaurants, the challenge was to convert the existing club into a younger, exciting and fashionable destination for the new Berkeley Square elite.

London Private clubs have found a new life in recent years, transforming their dated image into venues that attract an exclusive new milieu.

Our approach

The concept was to explore the building as a home for it’s imaginary owner giving character to the different spaces.

The ‘club as home’ ambiance creates unique experiences on each of its levels: a luxury bar acts as a casual welcoming point at any time during the day, where the first floor Dining Room’s stunning art collection, use of deep colours and breath-taking views over Berkley square offer a dining experience that’s opulent yet relaxed.

The new look and style of the club has been a successful magnet for attracting new members, making Morton’s a key destination for business movers and shakers as well as the art and fashion world.