The Square

Belgravia, London

The brief

The Square is one of the most lauded London restaurants and has achieved a tremendous reputation since its creation for its strong commitment to modern and inspired dining, quality of ingredients, immaculate service and attention to detail.

Our brief was to place the 78 covers Michelin star restaurant at the forefront of the London scene by defying preconception of ‘fine dining’, presenting a more urban and unconventional approach, setting a new style that would defy trends, whilst maintaining its core values of quality and refinement.

Our approach

The intention was to introduce a creative and cutting edge feel to the environment, a new visual vocabulary that would bring together Art and Food within a seamless integration. The contemporary art gallery environment is a confident gesture in the context of today trends in restaurant design and celebrates the innovative approach to food as well as highlighting the high quality of art on display, part of the owner’s collection. The concrete and glass bricks aesthetic of the Square are daring in its minimal and bold design giving space for the food itself to shine.