Holiday Inn

United Kingdom

The brief

The brief was to revitalise Holiday Inn’s portfolio, introducing a fresh and modern approach.

The starting point was to develop a strong concept that would be flexible and scalable, adapting to all sites in a variety of ways, ensuring a consistent design language across the entire portfolio.

Our approach

The areas we addressed include: the reception and lobby, the bar and lounge, restaurants, meeting rooms and the exterior entrances and landscaping.

Taking a holistic approach wherever possible, we reworked flooring, furniture, lighting, bars, buffet counters, reception desks and artwork. Ultimately, an in-depth design manual was created which established and illustrated the key principles and solutions.

Holiday Inn has recently undergone a global logo and brand hallmarks refresh. The work we have done with Realstar not only aligns with this, but was instrumental in shaping the new direction of the brand going forward.